rendering particles with yafray?

well, i’ve been trying the new Blender’s release for a while, and doin’ my first attempts with yafray, but i’ve find out that i can’t (better, i don’t know how to) render particles using yafray (they just don’t appear in the final render, but with the internal render does).

So the question, should i do something special to render particles with yafray?


Yafray does not support blender’s particles.


so you can not render particals with yafray??

that is really bad

i’d say - not yet. if you look at the version number: yafray isn’t even 0.1 yet! so i’d expect a lot more to come in the future (if version 0.0.7 is capable of all those things, 1.0 is supposed to be a MentalRay killer:) )

0.7 ? why do they do that anyway?? why not just do 7.0 ??

what if you used parented meshes to the particle emitter - would it work then?

“they” seem to be honest. IMO, windows 3.11 should have been called windows 0.3. of course a software is never “ready”, but version numbers define certain milestones. for yafray, i’d also say that 0.0.7 seems too low for what can be done already, but i am, as i said, really looking forward for what will come until a “final” 1.0 release.

I beleive so. But not 100% sure on that one. val has done some renders that appear to be don this way, but I can’t confirm it.

It should work, in theory, though.

However, with that being said, you will likely not get a nice smoke or fire, etc., that you would in Blender.


could some one test that idea out? :wink:

Well, you could. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I did just to make you happy and it does work perfectly fine.


oh good! it was just that i didn’t have time! thanks for testing it! :wink: