Rendering problem

I’ve been looked around the forums for about 2 hours and havent found a solution to my problem:

well i’m trying to render at the highest resolution 10000 x 10000 so i can get a good size image for a print. however after its finished rendering the render window goes blank and all i get is “No image rendered” from the save image option.

I’m trying to save a .png at 100 quality. Not any fancy effects or particles, just ray tracing.

My system specs are:

Blender V2.42a
Windows XP Pro SP2
Athlon 64 4800 x2
Nvidia 7900gt 256
2x western digital 250gb sata
2x western digital 160gb sata
(ample space on all)

nothing else i can think would be relivant.

This has been bugging me for a while i’d appreciate it it you experience Blender heads could help me out :cool:

What is the ultimate size of your print? At monitor resolution of 72ppi that image is nearly 3 meters square or about the size of an average bedroom. Even compressed to print resolution you have a poster size image.

The following is directly from Adobe After Effects help files and should help you calculate the maximum image size your computer is capable of rendering. I’m not sure if each of Blender’s render tiles are written to disk before moving on to the next one, if so then this may not apply. Still, you may not be able to view such a large image if you don’t have enough RAM to support it. Most of us do not.

Working with higher image resolutions

  • After Effects supports a maximum image resolution of 30,000 x 30,000 pixels for importing and rendering files. Resolution refers to the dimensions (width and height) of an image measured in pixels. When you work with higher resolutions, you can use a wider variety of formats, such as IMAX frames (4096 x 3002 pixels), full-aperture/silent frames (4096 x 3112 pixels), and other large-format media.
    When working with high-resolution images, consider the following:
  • All input and output modules in After Effects support increased resolutions except PICT (4,000 x 4,000 pixels), BMP (16,000 x 30,000 pixels), and PXR (30,000 x 16,000 pixels). The maximum resolution you can import or export is limited by the amount of physical RAM available to After Effects. When working with large frame sizes, minimize the RAM used by the system or other software running on your computer, but be sure to leave at least 4 MB of unused RAM to handle system software requirements.
  • The following formula helps you determine the amount of RAM you need based on the footage: Image Width in Pixels x Image Height in Pixels x 4 Bytes of Memory for 32 bits-per-pixel (bpp) or 8 Bytes of Memory for 64 bpp. For example, a 30,000-x-30,000-pixel image requires 3.5 GB of RAM to import and display each frame. However, a 30,000-x-486-pixel image requires only 60 MB of RAM. Memory requirements for 16-bits-per-channel (bpc) project color depth are approximately double those for 8 bpc.
    Even IMAX frames (ultra high image quality) aren’t rendered at anywhere near the screen aspect ratio that you are shooting for. Are you sure that you need such a large file?

Ah i thought it was memory. Theres not really any reason to render that high i just like to put things to the test .
I found a 6000x6000 image was sufficient for a neat print.

Thanks for the helpfull info and fast reply :smiley: