Rendering Realistic Leaves

I’m working on editing it a bit, especially with adding more tips. More tutorials will come very soon too.

Hi Brian, I love the simplicity of your tutorial, but afraid it’s got me a bit lost. I’ve got all the settings as in your example, but the Alpha channel is not revealing the contour of the leaf - instead I am left with the white rectangular edge. Any idea where I might have gone wrong?

In the official manual transparency is created either by using UseAlpha in the texture settings and/or combinations Map to Alpha, Dvar and the Alpha slider in the Material settings. I’m just a bit confused…

/Edit: What I did not have was the Shadeless button activated. Also the Alpha slider needed to be down to zero. And lastly the ZTrans button needed to be activated too. 4 hours later and the clouds are clearing. / Edit.

what do you think about actualy modeling the geometry and hanging parts of the leave given a thickness?

you need to be carefull with folds in the original leave. you scanned in shadows. depening on you light setup that could cause a major problem. I would flatten the leave and than scan it in.


everything went well upto rendering in yafray. does one need to use only the internal renderer? what other settings are required for yafray rendering?

link isn’t working

is there a mirror of this tutorial? im really interested on it


unfortunately the link isn’t working…

Sorry, I have taken down my site all my 3d related work, but I will be maintaining a new one for my CG work very soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Can’t wait - im looking for some help for something im doing at the moment.