Rendering Scene and Animation

Hello im new to this and im trying to make my first animation and scene on GLSL xP ,

if im done with it, and i want it to make it like a video, and iw ant to render the scene and the aniamtion together, how do i do that?? or maybe u cant? if thats not possbile what should i do then?

Your question isn’t exactly clearly written but to get the animation from the 3D viewport you need to press ALT+The screen-shot icon on the 3D viewport’s window header, for the fully shaded/lighted animation you need to press ALT+F12. The two are mutually exclusive. I hope that covers it.

I’m just learning blender myself, but from my experience, the Video Sequence Editor (VSE) does not allow you to sequence UNRENDERED scenes. You have to render out your scene as a series of pictures, a video or a single picture, whatever is appropriate. Then you can use the VSE just like any other video editor to put scenes together and again render them out to whatever media you want.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong on this!

You can pipe your scene into the VSE with a simple composite node setup that routes your render layers to an output. Then click the “Do Composite” and Do Sequence" buttons. Unfortunately, it’s very slow since each frame needs to be rendered, but it can be done and is useful for simple things like text overlays and the like.

How about a tutorial on this process?
Itried using nodes to do this but couldn’t find the way through. I figured it was possible, but I haven’t found enough instruction on this to figure it out.

I don’t ever use the sequence editor when rendering out initially. If you need to do things like text overlays or glows and things, I would just use the composite node editor to do that on the fly. But I don’t know why you want to use the sequence editor. Aren’t you just trying to render the animation? With glsl, it’ll render out exactly (or very similar) to what you’ll see in the viewport. Which would mean just hitting the animate button. Right? Maybe I read your initial question wrong. But usually you just render out all the shots first and then put them together in the vse afterwards.

My thinking was that I could set up sort of a “batch” renderer, if I wanted to que up more than one scene to render overnight, without getting into external batch files which I don’t know the syntax on.
But, the rendering is so slow that its sort of a moot point. Still, I’d like to be able to do it…

Oh, okay. I don’t know about doing it inside blender, but there are some external stuff for blender. What I use right now is Loki. You can download here.