rendering to animated gif

Hi, tried the archive but didn’t find anything :
is it possible to output a movie to animated gif? Would be neat :slight_smile:
Because blender knows when the scene is static, it could optimize a bunch…

Alternatively: can anyone recommend an open source tool to convert a movie or its frames to an animated gif?

PS: I’m on windows here

hi mattie
gimp + gimps gab pluckin (for animation stuff, for example for making gifs)

when you have rendered sequence, then in gimp
video>frames to image…

thanks for the tip… I remember using the gimp for creating an animated gif a while ago, but I hoped there would be a more straightforward / dedicated program or blender extension for it :slight_smile:

for the record… I ended up using ImageMagick :slight_smile: Seems the logical solution after all, but didn’t think of it back then :slight_smile:
it really can’t be much simplier than just typing “convert *.jpg output.gif” I guess :wink:

Still, it would be nice I guess, if blender would support animated gif out of the box; since the patent has expired anyway…


Under linux, you can render separate images and use convert (shell application) to merge them into one gif.

Not open source, but handy nonetheless. Found this tucked away online. Small, easy enough to use and from MS :eek:

lol, I’m a bit surprised by the recent posts =) I actually solved the topic problem myself by using ImageMagick (i.e. convert)

but, to answer :

  • vidgif: shareware
  • convert: I know :wink:
  • MS gif animator: thanks, didn’t know about this one :slight_smile: but it just can’t get easier than using convert :wink:

thanks for all the suggestions anyway :wink:

Problem with simply converting to GIFs is that the GIF format allows individual ‘hold’ times for each frame in a sequence. Frame 1 may be 2/10ths of a second and frame 2 may be 500/10ths of a second.

In addition to this, each frame can have varying transparency effects, which makes a simple conversion tricky. Especially if you want to do more complicated GIF sequences.

But so long as you find something that does what you want, that’s all that matters. :smiley:

You’re right :slight_smile:

That’s why, in fact (but that’s off topic), I eventually used swftools to write an SC script (provides accurate timing possibilities and loading background only once) which generates flash output (I know, a bit heavier than GIF, but much smaller file size!).

I know this tool-I used it several time ago and think that this prog is very effective:yes:

oh Im so sorry i didnt see the date of this topic:((