Rendering Vertices?

Is there any way to render a bunch of vertices? They dont show up in the render.

I need to render them for a space scene =p


Set the objects material to Halo and reduce the size value so it’s just a small point

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You can also set the hardness of the Halo to a very low value for harder-looking points.

It used to be possible (in the late 2.5 versions) to get really nice little dots by using a wire material and extruding the vertices without moving them. But it seems a bit trickier now - the verts have to be moved a little bit, and the dots don’t seem as strong as I remember them.

But I just discovered a neat trick - with a Screw modifier of a low angle (0.1-1 ), you can “auto-extrude” the verts (Solidify just duplicates and moves free vertices). At the lowest angle the dots are pretty much uniform, and then you get more and more unevenness, and then crazy swirly effects.