Rendering video corrupted my blender file

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Hey guys, very new to this forum…hope I’m in the right section. So basically I rendered my video because I was finished and upon reopening my blender file all of the components and edits were in the sequencer but when I try to preview the video nothing happens. Its as if everything is in a hidden layer. please help?!

It’s difficult to help without an image, a file to inspect… I could be many things and probably nothing at all, but how can we know? Don’t you have a screenshot?

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Thank you, woops that would definitely help… here you go.

Didn’t you make any change on the folder where you have your files in? Rename, moving to another directory?

Did you try to ask Blender to find missing files? (Go to “file”, “external data” and “find missing files”, then navigate to your files folder and perform the search.

Does it make any difference?

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Per your suggestion, I was able to retrieve some text files. I must have renamed some of the file names. should or is there a way to restore them to the original name?

As I see, the only way is to correct the files name structure in your folder, since you cannot edit the links in blender yet. At least I couldn’t. Maybe someone with video experience can help with that, but as I see, changing the links is not implemented yet.