Rendering with CPU

Hi everyone. I built a computer in 2019 including RX 580, doing well in gaming. Bu i just realized that i can’t use the GPU. Blender has no more support for RX 580. I guess i use the CPU (i5 9400F) for months… Besides, i was asking myself that why does computer gets 80+ FPS in Battlefield 5 but sucks at in Cycles…
Anyway, my question is: Is there any way to optimize / adjust for CPU rendering using Cycles? If not, i am gonna buy RTX 2060 by selling my kidney.

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It says supports only for 6000 series. :frowning: I am going to look for RX 500 support (my GPU is RX 580) if there is. Thanks a lot.

AMD support in cycles has been substandard as long as there has been a cycles.

I advise everyone to get an Nvidia GPU if they want to use cycles.

Sure, There are some AMD cards that have decent performance in cycles, sometimes. But Nvidia has worked in Cycles from day 0. I’m not a big fan of corporate monopolies, but you can’t argue with results. AMD cards not working in cycles is not a new story.

I know there is a price premium (but thankfully it’s better than it has been for years) but you get what you pay for.

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Sorry, didn’t realize. You know, there are multiple GPU renderers available for Blender. He should check them all out before rendering on CPU or buying another GPU if this isn’t a good time for him to do that, imho…

Yes, unfortunately, AMD support is for RDNA2 cards only, hope I spelled it right, I can recall famous math people more :smile:
Rendering on CPU is almost always slower, if we take a balanced setup. However, you are not bound by the VRAM.
You may try some boost or up-volting but I strongly advise against that, as it can crash stuff and damage hardware maybe.

I would also need a new rig, so I feel you. What you can do now, is try saving up for an Nvidia card, but do not forget, you may need a new motherboard as well :blush:

You may roll with the CPU until you can afford a 3060 maybe, that is a nice mid-high card and 6 gigs of VRAM can take you far for a few years, clever workflow, etc… :blush:


I understand now that why RX 580 provides more FPS and is cheaper compared to other GPUs… Thanks for replies :slight_smile:

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