Rendering with POV-ray

(Claws) #1

Hi there, i just begun using blender a week ago, but I’ve read a lot about using POV-Ray as the render for blender…
Only problem is: I have “povanim” script, i have downloaded POV-Ray 3.5 and I have something i want to render…

So how do i use the friggin’ thing?? :wink:

can somebody explain to me in plain english (i have no programming skills what so ever) how I take a *.blend file and render it through POV-Ray so that i have a RAW AVI file to watch?

Im currently using Mandrake 9.0 if that any help.

I hope somebody can lay it out for me cuz im pulling my hair while trying to find a tutorial on this on the web.


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My advice (From my own experiance) is learn how to make basic models in blender first all the way to final render. Then learn how to make a basic scene in pov-ray alone all the way to rendered scene.Then putting Blender, Povanim and Pov-ray together will be real easy.
If you want to make AVI files just use blender first.
What Features that Pov-ray gives that you want? If you looking for good video work you will have to spend alot of time on it, even just for simple scenes.
I jumped into the povanim right from the begining, then I learn that I had to understand Python scripts, POv-Ray, BMRT, Blender, Blenderman, Povanim. Slow process but what you learn will stick.

(Enzoblue) #3

You know how to use the povanim script ? If so, just run that, it will make a few files for Povray,(make sure your blend is saved first), look at the command window to see where it puts them, I think it tells you.

In povray, open the Main<yourblend>.ini and hit Run and it renders it.

In Povray you can then open the mesh<yourblend>.inc , mat<yourblend>.inc etc etc and make changes to them if you want using the PovRay language.

(Claws) #4

okay, I should probably have mentioned that i know pretty much nothing about Python and POV-ray.
The POV-Ray i downloaded dosen’t popup a GUI. All i want is to use POV-ray as a commandline renderer to render the Blender animationes i have made, instead of using the internal one in blender.

And i have just downloaded the povanim script - i don’t know how to use it.

Is there GUI for POV-ray in Linux? if so not in the version i have :\

is it possible to give me a command line to do the following:

python script (somehow)

povray (some command) ship.blend

and it will turn out a Raw AVI file containing my animation?

Sorry to sound moronic but i just haven’t got a clue as to how this is done…

(Enzoblue) #5

Mkay, if you want to turn a .blend file into a Povray file, you gotta use povanim and you have to do it in blender. Therefore, you have to get it working. Read the docs, get Python22, use the search here to answer any questions, I pretty sure they will be all covered.

Then do what I put last post.

If you don’t know how to even run a script in blender, then I suggest you bone up on the basics and really get into this stuff. If I were you, (and I was just a year plus ago), I would just really get into it and learn blender. You’ll never regret the time you spend because you’ll learn alot more about every aspect of 3d modelling and it will be a real joy.

If you just want one model/scene done and don’t want to get into it because you have too much on your plate already, then send me your .blend file and your credit card and first born and I will do it for you.


Once you do get into it, you’ll understand more why people are hesitant to respond to this post. It’s just not 1-2-3 and it can’t really be explained to a novice without alot of explaining and alot of time.

(Schlops) #6

Here can you find some Povray/Linux-frontends. Normaly all you need to do with the exported povray file is a call from a terminal window like povray yourfile with yourfile the filename of the ini-file that povanim exported.
What kind of animation are you doing? IMHO you don’t need a raytracer to do animations (unless you want to move mirroring spheres on an endless checkerboard). So render your animation w/ blender and post it in the WIP-forum, with a question “Does this animation look better when renderd with a raytracer?” :wink: You will get a lot of answers how to improve your animation, and if one is saying “Yeah, use a raytracer” come back and we’ll tell you how to use povanim :wink: (BTW: Do a search on the Python&plugins-forum on how to use python skripts, this has been answered before)
Hm, maybe this post sounds a lil bit harsh, so sorry, I don’t wanna offend you, but I don’t wanna rewrite this post also.

(Claws) #7

okay thank you all very much for the swift responses !

to enzoblue: trust me im getting into this :wink: ive been spending 5-6 hours every day now for over a week and i have learned so i can’t believe it!
Oh, and the blender handbook is in the library here in denmark (!) getting it hopefully soon.

on a sidenote - the reason i wanted POV-ray was because i was told it could render faster than the internal one - and i could do it commandline while keep working in blender.

Never fear - i’ll figure it out sometime


(theeth) #8

You can render from the command line of Blender. type Blender -h to learn the command line options.

Not sure about Pov ray being faster, but since it’s a raytracer and Blender is a scanline, it should logically be slower.


(Schlops) #9

No way! :wink: Povray is veeeery slow, but you can achiev better results with Povray. And you need to learn to programs: Pov & blender. (BTW: The povray documentation from is very good.)


(Claws) #10


hehe thanx - am enjoying it much so far :wink:

(blenderage) #11

Ive been using POVray using jm solers povanim script (all you do is load the script press AltP and export). The things I want to know are:

  1. Why is the scene always too bright no matter how much my lamp is turned down, is this a gamma problem?

  2. I have to use a gradient world background to make things look better however (and with my models as well) gradients always look blotchy and look like I dont have OSA switched on even though its set on 16 when I export.

I am pretty good with blender on its own and can make scenes with povray on its own. Is it possible to leave things out of the export from blender and add povray lights etc…

(adyus) #12

try this:
i’m trying to use it right now, dunno if it’s good or not

(jms) #13

a material problem, you can read the right side of this page:

Sorry, as muche as I know blender python can’t read OSA value, but you can set your own AA values in the main<yourfile>.ini exported file:


Oeuf corse, the main<yourfile>.pov file loads by include a lamp<yourfile>.inc you can add all the light you want in this last file. There is also a mesh file and a material file. If you try to export animation, it’s a little bit complicated. You will can find soon a page on the povanim exportation tree: