this is my first post. I would appreciate constrictive critique. Thank you.


What do you need critique of? It looks like a very professional model but the presentation is rather bland.

Thank you for the reply and thank you for kind words! I’m still learning how to model properly.
Critique of everything that I’ve overlooked or not aware of.
Information about poor presentation is very useful, again thanks :smiley:

As for presentation, I agree. Could be better. The models themselves look really nice.

You can show these sitting on a seamless backdrop, which I think would help a lot and make them look more realistic. Here’s a tutorial on setting that up if you can’t figure out how to do it quickly by yourself, since you clearly know how to model!

The wheel spokes are thin and the brake caliper is also rather small according to the disc size.

EDIT: And yes, there should be a Ferrari logo on the caliper and below it, brembo carbon ceramic. And the tire tread pattern is also a bit harsh. Otherwise its a neat model with great precision.

links to refer:

I noticed you seem to have some mesh problems around the lug nut holes.
I suggest you watch this video