Renderman approach to earth rendering

I’ve just started learning Renderman shaders, and I’m quite amazed.
Here is simple test for surface and displacement shader.
I’ve made simple sphere in blender, uv mapped it and export to renderman using BlendermanPixie script.
Then I’ve wrote simple shaders.
Rendering time was about 1 minute in 1024x1024 and it tooks about 13 MB of RAM while rendering in Pixie.
Of course mountains are overscaled for better effect :wink:

Thats looks awesome.I just tryed doing an earth model but yours is looks nicelly detailed.
BTW,what is renderman?and can you link me to it?
I’ve heard it mentioned here several times but i felt kinda stupid to ask.

wait… that’s displacement mapped right?

looks nice

That’s really nice.

Are you going to model the atmosphere?

Could you please write a tutorial about using Blenderman and Pixie? Pretty please. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW,what is renderman?and can you link me to it?
I’ve heard it mentioned here several times but i felt kinda stupid to ask.

Here is link for Pixie, renderer I’ve used for this picture.
And here you can read about RenderMan:

wait… that’s displacement mapped right?

Yes it’s displacement mapped, but renderman uses microdisplacement which is much more powerfull than Blender has.

You displaced far too much

Now work on water and atmosphere :stuck_out_tongue:


I now it’s not realistic level of displacement but I just wanted to get such effect like in weather forecasts in TV :slight_smile:
There will be no atmosphere, but I have idea for next picture with lot of shaders :wink:

You also forgot the “You Are Here” arrow… :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice image. You make it sound so easy! (How easy is it to use pixie?)

as easy as it is to use aqsis,3delight,air,prman… all you need is a text editor…

If ya know a little ab out how to read docs, then goggle RiSpecs 3.2 it should point you to start writing your own rib files and so on.

How easy was it to do the UV mapping? I take it the Pixie script supports exporting the UV maps.

It great to finally see some decent renderman images done using rib exported from Blender and the render times really show how good the Renderman renderers are.

There’s no way Blender or yafray could do that size of image with those displacements and come out with practically zero aliasing in under 1 minute.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more renderman images.

micro displacement… does that mean you dont have to subdivide a ton of times for fine detail?

Yes. With default shading rate 1 one face is equal to one pixel :slight_smile:

grzybu, hope you don’t mind I make this question:

I am about to give Pixie a try…what would be -in your opinion- its highs over Yafray or Unified Internal Blender rendering engine?

It’s not a matter of too much displacement, you shouldn’t have displacement at all.

Fun Fact: if the Earth were the size of a billiard ball, it would be just as smooth.

Fun Fact: If Earth where the size of an egg, all the worlds water would be big as a single waterdrop.

I have got Blenderman0.1beta9 for linux, and Blender 2.37a and 2.40 alpha1 up and running nicely. I gunzipped and untarred Blenderman in /usr/local/blenderman0.1beta9.0, but the readme for installation instructions is very windows-oriented. No hints on real linux paths are shown to place

The scripts loads in blender, but when trying to export it claims it does not find the totiff module.

Where could I find an ‘as-easy-as-possible’ step guide thru installing blenderman and placing the files as and all others needed by the script?

Hope someone could help…Thanks in advance…

Can anybody help? :frowning:

—Is Blenderman0.1beta9.0 valid for such a task? I downloaded and installed the linux version, and loads fine onto Blender as I mentioned before, but among the available renderers it shows within Blender there is no Pixie. The options are 3Dlight, AQSis, Entropy, BMRT and PRMan. In order to generate a Pixie-compatible .rib file, which one should I select?

Thanks in advance.

:o wow!thats one of the best earths ive ever seen!

good work!


Very great work!

Could you give me a link for your Blenderman Pixie Script, please?