RenderMan-to-blender addonn

I have added RenderMan-for-blender addon version 21.5.0 to blender version 2.79. I have also installed RenderMan non-commercial version 21 at default path i.e. C:\Program Files\Pixar.

I have following doubts :

  1. What should be ‘Renderman location’ and ‘Renderman Version to use’ fields in blender user preferences for Renderman
    2)What should the path field, at the end of preferences of RenderMan in blender user preferences, be?
  2. Also if I keep manual in ‘Renderman location’ field and set the path to any random folder, still blender is able to render when I select Renderman from Engine. So I am doubting if Renderman is used or not?
    4)Also, I am able to render only in It, when I try to render in the blender it crashes.

Please, need help.

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yup, some issues have come up with the latest blender release (2.79)
consider asking & finding solutions in RenderMan For Blender forums
or get 2.78 running along

I went to download RenderManNC for blender etc, and I got this: RenderMan-InstallerNCR-21.5.0_1769424-windows8_vc11icc150.x86_64
I use windows 7 pretty snooty pixar

better to post your issues on the Renderman for Blender forums

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