Renders for my Introduction to Architectural Visualization eBook

I’ve being using Blender for Architectural Visualization for years and now I felt that it was time to give something back to the Blender community.
With that in mind, I started to write a small guide with information that I learned over the years and that I found all over the internet.
I didn’t want it to be a heavy read with all the buttons to push but rather something that has those small things that many people overlook in the beginning and make all the difference in getting good results.
This was the kind of information that i wished i stumble upon when i started years ago.
I really hope this eBook can help someone in their pursuit for getting better renders.

If you are interested you can get the free eBook in my site.


this really looks crazy !!!

Like your work man,

I’ve featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

You’re also #featured here! :+1:

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Im gonna read this and hope i learn something new. Site looks very nice btw, great images!

PS did you render this image?

Because i recognise this one from a renderer i use. Its from Thea Render, or at least that image was rendered by one of the users.

hahaha that was you! I just noticed the name Camara :slight_smile:
Do you still use Thea4Blender? I did some huge overhaul to that addon. Added tons of functions and useful items. Im about to drop on gitHub

Hi Rombout,
How can I teach someone that already knows more than me?
Yes, I’m the same Camara from the Thea forum and I still have Thea installed and it’s a great render engine but there was a big time gap on it’s development and with Blender and Cycles getting better and better I had to make a choice for the better tool for me. In this case, Cycles.

Great work, @camara. Where are make this blanket? In Blender?

Not bad. The lightning feels real.
But I think you’re a little scared of shininess materials, because yours are lacking of. The cloth is way too flat, it don’t looks real. Even the less shiny materials (like clothing, carpets) have some shiny parts into it. The walls are surely painted and rarely so matte.