renders from File Output node without antialiasing

Hello Blender heads.
I’m getting really great results using Blender as a beginner but I’m still learning how it works. So, here I have a little question about File Output node, I hope you can help me .
The point is that I’m getting jaggy renders, that includes edges, when I render using File Output node from the Compositor, but from the output of the Render tab there is no jaggy renders :confused:.
I don’t know what is the problem because I have the Anti-aliasing on and checked “Full Sample”, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?, and I don’t know why I have jaggy renders from the Compositor and good renders from the Output Render tab.
Well, that’s my sad story :), I hope to find a “Happy ending”.

Hi, I don´t no exactly why, but you have to disable Full Sample IIRC, this is need for other things in the compositor.

Cheers, mib.

Hi mib2berlin, I don’t really know what is “Full Sample IIRC”… I couldn’t find those words in Blender…
By the way,I need the “Full sample” option enabled for compositing Normal and ID masks nodes, if that option is not enabled then I get the jaggy render in the “classic” render too.

Hi, sorry, iirc stand for “If I remember correctly”.
I think the best is to send a test blend file here or on
We have a look at it.

Cheers, mib.

Ok, I’ll send the file… but I have to prepare the file before :(… it will take time.
When I get the file done I’ll paste it… I’ll be waiting for more answers anyways.