Render's turned sepia

I’ve been working on a render of a planet, I’ve been using this tutorial

I’ve got to the last but one bit (as I dont want the dark side with night lights effect), and for some reason the render’s in like a sepia tone. Initially when loading once I’ve clicked render, all the colours are fine, but then for some reason they go sepia. I appologise for being a nusiance, but any ideas how to fix it?

check your lights. Be sure they are giving off enough for the material to radiate a color.

Thanks for the reply. It’s not the lights. I’ve tried moving them about, even increasing the energy to it’s maximum, but still nothing. It only increases the lighter areas in the sepia tone itself. As before the colour is fine whilst the rendering is taking place, but once it’s complete it turn’s sepia.

The Tut uses Nodes. So my guess is there is something in your node setup that is causing the effect. This is sort of telling by the fact the sepia occurs at the final stage of the render, when the composting would occur. I however, am no expert on Nodes. So you may want to post a screen grab of your node setup to see if someone with more knowledge could help.

Okay, here’s a screenshot;

OH! you’re using nodes! ok, so the initial render you see is PRE-composite. The end image, sepia, is post-processed result thru the nodes.

In the image above, you connected the image output of planet to the factor input on the alphaover. Not needs to go to the image input socket.

To change that sepia look, adjust the RGB curve and/or the Mix factor.

I’m thick bangs head, you’re clever. :yes:

Seriously though, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

See that’s what I mean. You give the people here on BA all the info and Bang you get your answer. Remember Screenshots = good advise.