Renderview with PostFX for Cycles?

Hello everyone, I’m just transitioning from 3DS Max to Blender, there’s something other renderers have that Cycles apparently don’t? Renderers like Vray, Redshift, Corona…etc have some Post effects tools inside their renderview, stuff like exposure, white balance, saturation, glare, LUT…etc
in Blender you have to go in the compositor and use nodes to achieve the same thing, which I found quite slow and unintuitive compared to directly using sliders in a renderview.
Do you think this feature could come to blender in the future?

below is a screenshot of Corona’s renderview with its multitude of post effects tools

I really doubt there are plans for this for official support. As you already noted Compositor is meant for this kind of tasks. I tried to use for a while it but my expirience was very unsatisfactory so I did what most other Blender users do who needs to deliver images for commercial purpose. I prepare the files for the output and do all my post processing outside Blender.

If you don’t want to do that your best bet is to use K-Cycles. It does have PostFX options similar to Corona. You can also nag Corona for official support for Blender but they refuse to budge for years.

I think there’s work done to Compositor but I am not expecting much yet nor I follow it well. It won’t cover my needs for post processing anyway. I prefer to finalize my images/video in DaVinci and Photoshop.

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Actually, there are plans for similar post processing in viewport.

Realtime Viewport Compositor

This feature will enable the user to run the compositor on the viewport output and have realtime feedback.

  • Simple vignetting and color correction.
  • Adding Bloom (Glare) and lens-flare effects.
  • Masking and VFX compositing.

Also, Octane for Blender has similar postpro tools.


I didn’t know about it. These are really good news. I don’t need it but I am sure there are a ton of people who would benefit from this.

You’re right! I totally forgot about it. I don’t use it all in Octane. It’s probably the reason I didn’t think of it but it’s there for those who need it.