rendred UV displacement problem

So I have done a model using Zbrush and have imported it to the lowest subdivison level after exporting the displace map of the higer level of subdivison using zbrush displace exporter.

so here’s what it looked like after assingin the uv displace map texture on my low-poly subsurfed model… it looked pretty good:

and then this where the trouble start…when I try to render only the face it becomes all dirty!!!:mad:

if anyone know something I could try I would be the most happy dude on hearth… no but seriously!!!:o

as far as i know zbrush exports disp maps in a tiif format that blender cannot use at the preseant time. i suggest useing the zmapper in zbrush to create normal maps this will give you a simmaler effect with out any hassle, or you could use the poly painting to create a bump map and use that in blender to displace vertices.
hope this helps
did you make sure it was only mapped to the disp channle and not the color channle too?

maybe cuz he’s screaming so hard his face is flushed.

ok I have try the normal map but when I apply it my model becomes all black???

i dont think you are setting up the texture correctly could you post a pic of the texture settings, then i may be able to tell you whats going wrong.

ok so here is the blend file and both normal and displace map

the blend file :

the normal map:

displace map:

hope it will help and thanks for the troubleshooting!!!

right well the reson it will not work is simple, you have pritty much got all the settings wrong from what i can see.( sorry if that sounded harsh i did not mean it that way)
but no worry, i will try and sort it out and post you the blend back tommorow or monday.
in the mean time take a look at blenders wiki as it will giude you through the prosses of how to set up uv textures and normal maps.

blender wiki

here is the fixed ,blend
you had not enabled the normal map, your normals also seemed to be pointing inwards so i recalculated the back outside.
below are the texture settings and a preview of the effect.


when you wish to add a color map you just need to add it as a texture and then map it to the uv’s as above with the normal map.

do not use the text face option as you have done as this will limite the controle you have regarding the color.
hope this has helped if not post back and i will try my best to sort it out.

the displacement map was in a tiff format that blender cannot use at the moment, you will need to chage it’s format to do this, oh and if you know of any app that can do that please let me know as i have looked for ages for one!

hey thanks 4 the help!!!

here is the render with color map i still have some change I want and is it me or the normal map are not present enough we dont see them so well

it most likly the lighting and the overall dark color that is makeing the normal map look less effective, if you fiddle with the setting for how much the texture effects the normal’s you may be able to get it looking better.
my only other comment is to take a look into node editing, when i first started with blender it sceared the hell out of me, but now most of my best renders have used nodes in thier construction.