Reom - Anatomical Mesh [WIP]


Reom is an “Anatomical Mesh” Project that aims to provide a strong dynamic base for character creation, based on human anatomy rather than the general-purpose smoothness found in the common model.

The mesh in the video uses a Standard Skeleton with Weight Painting
No ShapeKeys and No Additional Deformers,
Proper posing was used to complement the anatomical features.

BaseMesh polycount: 3k
SubD 1 Polycount [WireFrame Version] : 14k

Current features:

  • Game-Ready
  • UDIM Support
  • Procedural Muscle Volume [Through Displacement]

Reom will be available for FREE as a part of MB-Lab in future updates, Feedback is welcomed.

Note: Yeah he looks like he has 0 fat because we haven’t been feeding hi-… I mena because the Fat layer will be designed separately.



Please tell me what sort of screenshots would you like to see of the mesh so I can do a FAQ and answer your much as possible :+1:

Procedural muscle volume… does that mean when the arm is flexed (for example) the biceps will expand/change shape? This looks like a fantastic model.

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Thank you, I mean more like in the design stage where you decide to add muscle to your character

it’s usually done via Shapekeys and has an “Upper limit”
in this one it’s based on vertex weights and the mesh topology, technically you can increase the size without an upper cap

I have always been interested in “alternative topology” although my character work has never really got to far. I will definitely look into this when it gets into MB. I look forward to seeing how it comes out.

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Glad to hear, I might release some early test versions to get feedback too so there’s that, I’m currently releasing some on the MB-Lab Discord server, feel free to check it out (link is in the video description)

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That looks crazy! I stay tuned :wink:


Removed by popular demand.

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@Max_Shoes Glad you like it :clap:

My health is still not so fun but I tried to put together an explanation here, Hope it helps [or is clear enough]
lemme know if you have any more questions


Removed by popular demand.


yes i know the pain too of creating corrective shapekeys because the dual quaternions option (aka preserve volume)…

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Preserve Volume is actually disabled, you can check it yourself in the video too, it’s the topology and rig distribution


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Thanks for the kind wishes BTW

I’m creating this with game development in mind since I’m gonna use it for my own games, so I don’t think I’ll resort to any Blender-Specific thing unless there’s a way to transfer it to game engines


Finished the basic setup with some customization using Geometry nodes, mixing functionality included, you can download the file from below

  • it’s rigged, you can scale the proportions from the rig or export it
  • fat is still fucked,
  • female version has fat applied but no enlarged boobs yet
  • the build is androgynous, looks more feminine with fat and more male with muscles

if anyone finds this early test interesting, you can follow MB-Lab, it’ll be released for free as a part of it in a future version


Ok I realized how much I screwed up the female body, I updated the base mesh and did some fixed to the female vertex group, here’s the result:


Again, breasts are still not done, this is a minor fix on the way, will try to upload the file soon with a test pose


Great work! keep up!


Reom’s initial version was submitted for the next release of MB-Lab officially.

now working on procedural skin shader based on Fat, Muscles, and Bones:


I would suggest looking at reference images of breasts, particularly large ones, look at the placement of nipples on them, and reconsider whether you have enough topology to form the shape under the breasts. Your current topology is good for the muscles on a male chest, but insufficient to properly hold the shape for women’s breasts. Small breasts aren’t shaped like that either, in my experience.

Note: All of these look like they apply to the new mesh too, except maybe the clavicle, it’s hard to tell since it’s less visible.

  1. This indentation is way too strong, ESPECIALLY at the top. It should be subtle.
  2. The clavicle shouldn’t be at such a strong angle. It should be closer to the angle of the line I drew.
  3. I’m not sure why all the models have this indentation, but it does not exist on humans.
  4. The nipples are too low for women, and the transition to the shoulder should be smoother - less broken. Personally, I find nipples-out female basemeshes impossible to use when you want to model clothes over them (forget cloth physics), since most women wear bras, so their clothes should have a smoother shape over their nipple area. It’s easier to model clothes with the proper shape if the breasts support a smoother shape. It works better to dial nipples in then try to dial them out. This is one big reason I gave up using MB-Lab - can’t do anything with those pointy breasts.
  5. These forms are wrong. They don’t look right on the male models either.
  6. The abs are missing some muscles

For the legs, I’d look less at anatomical drawings and more at some photo references. The shin is a little twig like, and all of the muscles and knees look wrong.

Arms and head look pretty good though, and I think the hands and feet might be right too.


Thanks for the thorough feedback, I’ll go over each point separately and get back to you.

Quick notes regarding the breast shape and muscles:
This version is not muscular, it’s 0 fat, so basically there’s no volume and the defenition is due to having no softness in between the muscles
For the breasts, I think I mentioned it? But it’s a technical difficulty I’m resolving, it’s half resolved now and I’ll update the file when possible, I’m trying to avoid shapekeys because they hinder the system I’m trying to make, will try all I can before resorting to them.

For the Nips, will have a shapekey to fade them, was in the plans but didn’t get to it yet.

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You did mention the breast shape being WIP, but I was mostly concerned about the topology (although I did still mention the shape though, and I suppose I probably shouldn’t have). Unlike men women almost have a similar amount of volume under the nipple as above it, and you’ll need the topology to support that volume if you want them to look right, even if you’re aiming for a more petite size. Breasts are one of the hardest areas of the body to make look right.

MB-Lab and MakeHuman both go the “smooth the nipples out after the fact route” and it seems to me that approach is simply impossible to pull off well - the result is never smooth, making them unusable. Daz and I think CC3 go the “add nipples in” route, which allows you to add visible nipples to a nude figure, but keep smooth breasts for clothed figures. I think perhaps the problem with the nipples-out smoothing approach is that it can only smooth the nipples away properly if the rest of the breast is in the one perfect shape they were designed to smooth nipples away for, so any modification to the breast shape breaks the shapekey’s ability to work properly. Adding nipples in is comparatively a much simpler process, since the breasts are already designed to be smooth for their various shaping options.

Apologies if I seem to be going on and on, frustration with the breast shapes for MH and MB (and I think Fuse had similar issues) is one of the things that motivated me to give up on them and learn to model my own morphable human base mesh project, and my experiments there have led me to conclude that my hypothesis was correct, and adding nipples in with a shapekey creates a much more functional and forgiving system than trying to smooth them out after the fact.

I had forgotten you’re using displacement instead of shapekeys for character modification. It’s an interesting approach.

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