Reopening threads on BlenderArtists forum

I regularly write some Python addons and use this forum as a place for discussion, feature requests, bug reports and announcement of new versions.
It is very much possible though, there are more than twelve months between new versions, and some addons only very seldom get bug reports…
What happens on BlenderArtists is then the thread is closed :no: and then theres no place left for people to go with their issues. Today I worked on a new version of EdgeTune addon and had to open a new thread to announce it, which fragments information over several threads, while it should be centralized.

I would like to ask, at least, that the original poster of a thread could reopen a closed thread he started.
Maybe even a way of setting a thread as non-closeable (with the consent of the moderators)?

Any ideas about this?

Just report a closed thread and the moderators can reopen it.

And how/where do i report this?

Report post icon on each post

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