repeat texture along line or path?

is there a way to do it? I just want to set an image texture to repeat along an object, but not in checkers or x-y repeats as in F6 Map Image menu, but linearly or, better yet, along a curved line. Is this possible?


Here is one way. The arrow texture moves along the 3D pipe via an animate YOffset.


arrows_along_pipes.blend (200 KB)

You could also try using an Empty to project a decal onto the curve’s surface. Set the Empty to follow the curve’s path. Control the speed of the animation via the Time IPO for the curve object. Also, be sure to orient the Empty so its Z-axis points toward the curve’s surface (the decal projection is along the Empty’s z-axis).

EDIT: Here’s an old tutorial that should still be helpful if you want to try this approach.

hey, my bad, guys, I explained badly. I dont want it on an animation, but for still images, I want a texture to replicate in only a direction or axis.

I posted afterwards a result I got but that I dont know how I did it, and I cannot replicate now: