Repeating animation

I need my animation to come back to past steps but i don’t know if it’s possible…

Let’s say i have my mesh move from points 1 to 2 and then to 3, so 1-2-3.
Now i need my mesh to return to the exact positions that had before so my animation should do like 1-2-3-2-1. so it’s a back and forth/forth and back movement. is there any way to do that perfectly ? like copy/pasting the mesh coordinates into the timeline ?
been fighting with Blender for a few hours now to try and find something that does what i need. please help

You can copy selected keyframes in the graph editor or dopesheet windows using Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V or the buttons on the right on the window headers. Just copy the location keyframes from one frame to another.

It says “No selected F-curves to paste into” when i copy paste a keyframe in dopesheet…

Here’s a simple demo

When copying and pasting keyframes, make sure you have the correct channels selected. This is done by clicking on the individual channels or hovering your mouse over the channel list and pressing ‘A’.


I’ve got same problem and I found that you need to add at least one keyframes first.
So first add one keyframes to the object you want to copy animation
Then copy paste the rest of the keyframes


January 2020, Blender 2.81, this info helped.


worked … thank you

Agreed. Problem solved.

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