Repeating Image Text

So I’m wanting to add an image with text onto a UV unwrapped object (mimicing paper). Yet the Text gets squashed and repeats itself on one part, and the other part looks like gibberish.

What do I do to fix that? I’ve tried Texture Coordinates UV, Changeing the Texture Image to Flat, Clip, and Linear. As well as scaled the UV box dealy (the orange highlight that shows the object itself) and it’s not working.

sometimes i have fixed weird texture issues when i applied rotation and scale to the object in object mode: ctrl a in 3d viewport and then choose rotation and scale. but not sure if its a case in here

It didn’t work in this case.

Thanks for the advice though. It might work of other texture problems I come across later. Just not in this instance.

can you show the uv map?

It’s a pretty basic UV Map (I think I did it right). I highlighted the top two corners of the plane. Marked Seam. Marked the bottom two. Marked Seam. And I got a box. Although when I move the sides, I end up with 12 different boxes, and a dizzying amoung of disorganization. So I just don’t touch those. Other than to give this example.

what happens when you are viewing your object in top view in edit mode its selected and then ortho view by numpad 5 and then numpad 7 for top view. and then from unwrap choose unwrap from view bounds. it seems to be just flat mesh or just unwrap from view can work too it then remains the same ratio that object is

So did Ortho Topview.

But I even did a search. There’s no Unwrap from Views Bound on my version of Blender (using 2.77). But both from the UV menu, and View menu I don’t have it. And it’s not showing up when I space bar.

be in edit mode in 3d view hit u it opens up unwrap function selection last 2 there

That did the trick ^_^. Thank you very much.

yw :slight_smile: glad to help