repeating procedural texture

how to repeat (tile)procedural texture?

in the texture ‘map to’ there are size xyz coordinates for tiling.

that what i was thinking but it s not working. the texture is scale but not repeated i was using orrco and now i use uv with proper projected uv. is there a warp option or something?

ok you got right and me too. all texture work fine exept one . the blend texture IMO the only was that as no interest without that.

would be nice if someone could confirm the bug, thanks?

Could you explain what it is you are trying to do with the blend texture, then I may be able to find a solution for you.
In the following example I have tiled the Blend texture on three objects.
Firstly I have used the colorband to add some random colors, this doesn’t tile as such but makes the texture more interesting.
I have set the texture map input to UV but not uv mapped.
I did play with the size a little using + & - settings but this effected little other that varying my test.
It would seem that the blend texture does not tile, however as you can see in my results, subdividing the mesh does give some interesting results.

Let me know what you are trying to do & there may be another option for it to work.

For me, it doesn`t sound logical to try to tile procedural texture. One way could be rendering it to bitmap. But why bother, if procedurals are here to be seamless.

in the texture ‘map to’ there are size xyz coordinates for tiling.

Those are for size, as you said, so they scale the texture, but procedurals are basically mathematical functions (?), so they can follow the rules used to create them in whole space. As a result it is impossible to tile procedurals, only scale them.

The blend texture isn`t buggy, you only scaled it and it extrapolates the colours at edges, so it seems to be defined.

Well in that case blender is the only software that do so. And it s funny because blend is the only procedural texture that can t be tiled.
And you ask why to tile such procedural texture : first it s usefull for masking and second converting it to bitmap would be less accurate.

The xzy settings had nothing to do with the results I made.
Subdivision of the mesh “tiles” the Blend Texture with uv turned on & the amount ot tiling is dictated by the amount of subdivision.
The UV Setting also plays a big part in giving the illusion of tiling the texture. here is the same scene with an orco setting.
Heres the .blend
At least I would like to think I have made the illusion of tiling the Blend texture.

I understand how you got your result and it s a good way to override this limitation. but i d like to be able to combine various tiled blend texture so as to make complex patern and i don t want it to be geometry or uv based.
thanks anyway

I know what role the UVs play. Nicely explained Meta-Androcto.

The textures aren`t repeating, which is the subject of this thread. Only periodical function repeats its output, so tiled procedurals are the new Tiles, Wood and maybe Magic. But the tiling comes from the functions used to create them, not repeating the maps after generated.

you may want to look at using the stencil option to blend together two tiled textures.
obviously this wont work with the blend texture, there also could be a way to do this using projection mapping & texture baking, but thats a whole new ball game.
of have a look at the tiles build on graphicall.
good luck.