Replace an accidentally deleted vertex (when it's too late to Ctrl Z that bitch!)

This may seem simple to some of you but I’m relatively new to Blender. I’m modelling a human and accidentally deleted the vertex at the top curve of the shoulder leaving a large hole where the tops of the shoulders should be.

I’ve tried creating faces using the other surrounding vertices but didn’t get a good result. Is there a way to just insert a vertex, in edit mode, or another way to fix this that still looks the part?

Can you show us a screenshot?

Select a vert, then E to extrude another vertex.
Select to vertices, F to create and end and W / sbdivide to create a vertex between them
Select a vertex, Ctrl+LMB creates new vertices
Select a vertex and V to rip it away to create a new vertex
Select a vertex, in edit mode use Shift+D to duplicate it and G to move it to wherever you need it.

I knew it was going to be an easy solution that I was just over-complicating. Appreciate the reply.