Replace Blender keytrokes detection?

Good afternoon to all.
Can you tell me your opinion about what’s be best way to code an addon that replace Blender key detection, to replace it with my own (Key: command) combination, then send the command to Blender?
Is it even possible?
Modal approach?
I’m very mew to Python, but will give my best.
Thank you

it’s technically possible using event simulate, but that flag is not meant to be used in a production setting with actual user input. more for debugging purposes, or automating tasks. that said, I don’t think there is any way to stop events from happening the normal way.

Thank you for your answer!

What’s the use case here that couldn’t be accomplished by changing an entry in the key map editor?

I want to (or at least try to) make a shortcuts system like Autocad (read someone saying that VIM for Linux as a similar shortcuts system, didn’t test it yet) where we can assign more that one letter, or letters and numbers for each command,. With a system like this, you can have, for example, “E” for erase, “EF” to extrude faces, “EV” to extrude vertices, etc…
More examples, “F” to fill, “GF” to Grid fill, “B” border select, “BF” beautify faces…
I think it’s incredibly versatile, and easy to configure to be easy to remember shortcuts, and the current system cannot handle this.

Ah I understand now. Yes I think that would be a bit of a pickle to implement in Blender, especially only with Python and not changing C code. This seems like something you could do using AutoHotkey and then map your outputs to the keys that Blender is expecting in its keymap.

Thank’s for the idea, but that would not benefit Blender as a whole…