replace mesh. set "ME:" name with python script problem

Hi All!
Please explain.
I use “replace mesh” actuator. If I set ME: name in logic brick field everything goes fine.
If I set ME: name by python script, I can’t get access to meshes of objects on another scenes. “instantReplaceMesh” have similar problem.

How can I get access to meshes of objects laying on another scene. It’s very important to set mesh name by script.

import GameLogic as GL #please no “import Blender” advises
cont = GL.getCurrentController()
name = “Cube”
act = cont.getActuator(“act”)
GL.addActiveActuator(act,1) # or act.instantReplaceMesh

What I must to do for “setMesh” takes meshes not only from Current Scene?
And why If I manually print ME: name in logic brick field actuator takes meshes from whole file?

I know nothing about python scripts, but probably it’ll not work?!
Place a copy (linked?) in the same scene?!

thanx, OTO!
I’ve already placed the copies. It works. But it’s not the solution for me. Task is to take meshes from objects of another scene.
Question is why logic brick “replace mesh” with filled fild “ME:” able to take meshes not only from CurrentScene but from all file.
May be somebody knows how to get list of all file objects.