Replace model but keep animations and modifiers


I’ve come across an “issue” I do not know how to solve by myself.
I want to replace a model in my scene with a new, updated one, but keep the animations and modifiers from the old one. Is this possible?

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Change the linked mesh to your updated mesh? Check out what happens when you select an animated object and change the value in the dropdown at the top of properties/object data, the one whose tooltip says “Mesh datablock defining geometric surfaces.”

I actually managed to find the solution: By selecting the object I wanted to change the mesh for, and going to the tab with the green triangle and vertices (can’t remember its name), I just swapped the mesh for the new one in the top drop down.

Yes, that’s what I said using different words :slight_smile:

Haha, sorry. My bad! :frowning:

hi you could make a tuto please