Replacement for GTX780

I have to change my gpu.
I use linux and I don’t want nvidia card. It has to be AMD.

Radeon RX 5500 XT with 8GB of memory and RX580 with 8GB of memory is in my price range. Looking at technical specs I’m not able to determine which one is better.

And GPU tests are usually based on games. Not sure if it can be compared to rendering performance

Could you help me a little?

I had a 580 and it was good. But I went back to NVidia, even on Linux since I also encode video and I can’t live without NVenc accelerated profiles in Handbrake.

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Hopefully this helps
The 5500XT demolishes the RX 590 in cycles rendering. It is slightly ahead in Eevee

It helped. Thank you.

One more quetsion.
I started to look at more powerfull cards. 5600 XT and even 5700 XT

But there is something called bottleneck.
I’m not sure if its connected only with games or with 3D graphics too?
My PC isn’t very young.
I have intel i5 2500k OC 4.3 GHz
Will I be able to use full power of GPU in blender? Can CPU narrow down GPU perfornamce in renders?

Bottlenecks can happen with any software and can be because of any component in your system (CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD/SSD)

Regarding rendering if you are doing hybrid renders (CPU+GPU) then your CPU may be a bottleneck and it may be faster to render on the GPU only. But this is something that would have to be tested.

If you are rendering on GPU only, the CPU will do the initial scene set up, but once that is complete it will have minimal impact to the render time.

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Both cards are very similar the 5600 XT draws less power which is why I got it