Replacement mouth animation

Just been working out a setup for ‘replacement’ animation, using 3D objects rather than just textures or 2d. Haven’t seen this in Blender as yet, so hopefully this will be interesting for someone. Anyway here’s a quick demo of the setup/concept.

Obviously the animation is very basic, and only has a few mouth-shapes, but I do love that poppy stop-motion mouth look. I’m looking at using it in a proper project soon (hence the proof of concept).

What do you think?

I’ve posted the files on blendswap, hopefully up soon.


Very nice. Gives it that stop-motion claymation feel. I can see using that in an animation on top of a mouth modeled into the character would give a funny cartoon style. Meaning … have 2 models, one with a mouth, one without, and during funny moments where the mouth (or eyes even) needs to be way out of proportion for a funny effect, use this method. Or … you could just recreate Chicken Run. :slight_smile:

I see what you’re saying with the 2 mouth idea. Could be useful too. Sort of a pop-on extra crazy mouth shape. I’ve done some more experimenting since this one too. It’s a really fun and (sort of) simple way to do mouths. Certainly quick to animate.

Very nice… How you did this? Used script or moving things off screen? Please let me know… Do you have the scene on blendswap somewhere? Looked for it but didn’t find… :frowning: