Replacing Physics engine form BGE


I m look for change physics engine. Can any one tell me how can i do that?

or give me a link where i can find “how BGE is designed?”.

Hope i will get my answer soon.

in the “world buttons” window, “myst/stars/physics” panel, change “bullet” for “sumo” but it’s an old engine!
You can download the Blender sources in the Blender site, I guess that the game engine is “inside”?!

Thanks of ur reply :slight_smile:

Actuly i was looking to add the other physics engine in BGE thru code.

no offense… but i doubt you could code your own physics engine, and achieve better performance than the current Bullet implementation.

If you’re talking about integrating another engine that already exists… then you’ve gotta ask yourself why the devs haven’t done this themselves rather than upgrading to the latest Bullet as they are now.

Do you mean something like integrating PhysX acceleration??? cos that’s some hardcore coding your going to have to do.

you should be able to get some info here:

not sure if it’s exactly to your needs… but if you keep poking around I’m pretty sure there’s source code for most of the builds from recent to past.

It’s gonna be a challenge though pal, Good Luck!

The people at the #blendercoders irc channel are nice and can give you a hand in getting started.

He’s from India, I think he can do it guys!

Srsly they have some serious CG and programmers in India these days.

Being from INDIA does not give me a Tag to be good coder. I know that i can code and it is may not be best but atleast good.

AND I m happy to get respones form u all :o.