Replicating from refferences

HI, im trying to replicate a certain aspect of a refference but doest seem to understand where to begin. is there any videos/tutorials that might help?

Just the “find the primary form” advice from ever how to draw tutorial and then the second… or divide and conquer ??

care to explain both?

The image just suggest a simple form anaysis… your text doesn’ t tell much (certain aspect).

It seems that the original author wanted to show the simple boxes which define the shape, so insteed of doing it all at once divide into left and right arm and leg which could be mirrored, head, body… (it also shows that it is not straiht but a litle tilted), model out the primary shape to have a look at the proportions and go on… arms and legs could be divided furter… so the overal conquer can applied by doing smaller steps (and for example just mirroring…half the work)…

ah ok i get it now thanks :smiley: