Replicating Rigid Body settings

I’m something of a newbie to this but I love the new Rigid Body settings in Blender 2.66 but I have a question - is there a way of assigning those settings to more than one object at a time? I have a set of linked objects and they’re linked in terms of all their other properties but setting the Rigid Body properties only applies to the selected object rather than all the linked copies. This is a pain when trying to get things to work.

To add some context, I have built a tower block and want to demolish it in a controlled way - so I’ve got loads of columns, floor slabs and so on. I want to collapse the columns on two floors first, then the internal columns. As I said, the objects are linked in various groups for this. I have animated the ‘Enable Deactivation’ tick box to stage the correct order (activating the objects lets gravity do its thing!) and this works great but assigning the physics settings to every item is an absolute pain!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

When you open up the side menu by pressing ‘T’, there is an option under rigid body tools called ‘copy from active’. Give one of your objects the new physics - settings and then select all your rigid body objects, making sure that the first object is the active one (the object which settings you would like to pass on to all the others) then press this button - voila :wink:

Thanks! I didn’t spot that button before but it does exactly what I want!