Anyone seen this?

It’s a 3d printer that you can build yourself! :smiley:


RepRap=Replicating Rapid-prototyper

What do ya think? :smiley:

Yeah, saw that on a thread around here a couple months ago.

Friggin sweet.

Actually, it was something similar, not quite this.

Still, Friggin Sweet.

I’ve seen it before.

There’s also fabathome.

I’ve though about building one before, but the techniques aren’t developed enough in the machines yet to produce decent results. You need a different system than these two really supply to produce accurate models. Don’t get me wrong, these are great for prototyping and generally non-complex objects, but would break down under higher accuracy needs.

I like the idea more of constructing 3-d object like these out of thin sheets of paper, which are cut by a laser and glued together. It might be a little too complex for home production, though, with the mechanics, materials, and safety concerns.

As these projects mature, though, I have no doubt that they will become more accurate, and heck in a couple of year if I can spare a couple hundred dollars for a hobby project I’ll probably build one (assuming they are matured enough).