Reptile-like Skin Texture

Hello there,

I am working on a small game of mine, where I’m currently working on the 3D Models for it’s creatures, which inhabit that game’s world.

As I was working on a creature, which looks similiar to a Terror Bird, I noticed that it has some reptile-like skin on it’s feet/legs:

As said before, I would like to use this Model in a videogame, so sculpting isn’t a choice, because the detail would disappear as soon as I retopology it.

I saw such “detail” on another Model aswell, there it was just a texture and now I’m curios and I guess I do need to know:

How would I make such defined texture? Would I use the texture paint method, where you paint a texture on your texture?

I would be thankful for any answer.

you might want to look into the monster demofile that Daniel Bystedt made available. I think somewhere exists a video of him explaning how he did it.

Hmm I didn’t find such a video, but thanks, I’ll look into it!