Reptilian Eye: Sculpting Practice

I’m fairly new to blender and wanted to try out some sculpting. I came up with a “quick and easy” idea of sculpting a reptile (Dinosaur?) style eye poking through a hole in the wall in a picture of my desk. Without much previous experience with sculpting, I feel like it went pretty well, and I think rather than stopping with just the eye, I will try to continue and make an entire creature (or at least a bust). I added some procedural materials and textures to be quick, and did some post-production in gimp to improve the colors.

I would love some critiques, comments, or ideas going forward.


Looling nice the eye only a little contrasted .
i would like to see a model in blender of course :).


Here is a “clay” render straight from blender.


OK nice but i mean a complet body a new model :).

Feliz blender

Ah, yes. I will hopefully get a full body, or at least a head, soon. I’m not a very quick sculptor :).

ok ,no matter can show later :wink: