Reptilian sword

well this is the first sword i’ve made so don’t go too hard on me plz. i decided to add a reptilian tex for the hilt. if anyone has any ideas tweaking the tex/model, plz tell and i’ll try to fix them. thnx!


i would change the texture on the handle because it looks plasticy & also i would turn on raytracing for the blade

The bottom of the blade looks weird, it looks transparent with part of the handle being visible inside the steel. The texturing could do with some tweaking as well. It might look better if you kept a consistent them through the entire hilt (i.e make it all green). At the moment it looks like a brown log with some neon green things sticking out of it. I’d be inclined togo for colours that aren’t quite so bright, but that’s just me. I think it would really improve the sword if modelled some more detail onto the handle and work on making the hilt look more cohesive.

Just a thought, if you wanted to go for a reptilian theme, model some snake/lizard like features into the hilt. Maybe have the handle as the body of the snake/lizard, and the green bits as heads/tails or claws.