Republica UI theme

still missing some parts, sorry a lot, but is quite consistent to start sharing :stuck_out_tongue: . Maybe after polishing it, I will share some updates

republica.xml (40.7 KB)republica.xml (40.7 KB)


This is really nice. Thank you for sharing.

I’ve been using this for a few hours now. I really love it. It’s a bit strange to get used to since many things are “greyed out,” I learned to appreciate the muted-ness, which allows me to focus on more important things. I highly recommend this theme if you’ve memorized most of your pie-menus and settings.

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loving it as well.

If I may make a suggestion. I have set mine to flip the selected color inner text and inner fill from the default. I think this is necessary because tools like automerge needs to let the user know that it’s activated.

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thank a lot for your feedback, appreciate it. I will check your recomendation. UI design is too much complex for to consider it finished only in a few days, so I consider it open to be polished in the next weeks/months :slight_smile:

the theme looks a little like a lighter version of [Theme] BaseCoat

maybe merging the best of both (though that’s kind of a preference thing) could help you polish this one.

love this theme. Much less visual noise, i look forward to future versions…

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New important changes affect this theme. Going much darker, removing the bright frames, and recover the emboss effect for the buttons. I’m happy with what I have, but still need to fix other menus.


Is the second link the updated theme? It looks different from what you are showing here. Not complaining - I love it. I think it was an awesome decision to make the view port match the surrounding frame color. It completely removes the distractions.

Yep, I forgot to upload. Indeed, I haven’t did because estil need to fix some parts. But, If you want try this one, and tell me if you see something incompleted.

republica.xml (40.7 KB)

Hi rhyging5 i love your theme & have made my own version i find your latest one to dark for my taste…

R 8.xml (42.5 KB)


looks great! I like how looks the outliner without the horitzontal marks. make it still more minimalist :slight_smile:

Yes thanks…youve inspired me to work on another minimal theme more medium grey for working in daylight…

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If you happened to feel like sharing it - I’d love to try it! I really like both the original Republica and what you did with it.

Have you made any updates to this theme?

Republica modified.xml (42.6 KB)

I’ve been using this for awhile and have made a lot of edits for my own personal preferences. Things like changing the wireframe color to make it more readable, making some elements less contrasty. Maybe someone will find it useful, and of course full credit goes to the previous authors, especially Chickpea who I based my edits off of.


heres my latetest version of republica also a light version i never finished…i suffer eye strain very quickly so prefer darker low contrast look…Hi Dheim i do like your version to…minimal_grey_28.xml (42.2 KB) republica_2020.xml (43.2 KB)


Thank you guys for sharing. They are all very nice!


Thank you for replying!! I’m going to fire these up ASAP!

I’m gonna try yours too! Thanks!!

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