Request advise/tips on how to proceed.

Hello all and thanks for your time. I am an inspiring 3D artist working towards mastering my craft. I would like to gather opinions on how I should proceed further. I have a male figure that I created using dynotopo. I have what I feel is the general form. I feel now I should retopo mesh and use multirez to add more detail and finalize mesh.

I am not sure if I should be putting as much as possible into the dyno mesh prior to retopo or if the work flow listed above is ok. Feet and hands are just basic and do not have details such as knuckles, creases etc. I feel by retopologizing the mesh I can dive more into the details throughout the body.

My purpose for this mesh is just to practice creating a character from start to finish. Ultimate end goal is to import a usable character into a game engine.

Thanks again for your time.