Request for Model Creation

I have been working on learning blender for 2+ years now but have repeatedly found myself running headfirst into a brick wall when I attempt to do any clothing or hair designs for a game that I play which allows users to upload models for use in-world. I was wondering if there might be anyone who would be willing to spend the time to create a model for me using a body base file that I have.

The model I had in mind is a simple set lab coat, undershirt, and pants like one might see a doctor wear. I would prefer the coat to be open but understand that artists work best when they are not constrained by a lot of requests.

I have the body base file available if anyone would be interested in creating the model in their free time, and I sincerely thank any and all who take the time to read and/or consider this. Thank you.

Branding is a huge problem in the insurance and copyright(notorization) world.