[Request] Low-poly 3D Models

Hello. Sorry for my bad english, but i hope you understand me…

I plan to create mod for game, called: Industry Giant 2
Yes, its very old game… And there exist only 1 or 2 mods (which already outdated)
I’m not very good with 3d programs, thats why i ask for help.

I want to create Jewelry products line.
There is my small list, what i need to finish mod:

  • Crystal stones (at least 3 different forms; different colors )

They will be used in finished products bellow (also need 3d models):

  • Rings (At least 3, With above mentioned crystals)
  • Bracelets (at least 2; Visually distinct from each other; can have some crystals)
  • Earrings (at least 2; Visually distinct from each other; with some crystals, can be less visible)
  • Necklace (at least 2; Visually distinct from each other, with crystals)
  • Brooches for hair (at least 2, with crystals)

Mod will be free for all, and im not taking any money.
If you want to help, please post here or write Private message.

Your nickname, will be posted in mod notes (if you want). Link where mod will be posted:
steamcommunity /sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=503829145

Thank you.