Request: Please check this link/video for me.

It’s just a video of a prison design [parts are in 3d although not Blender]

The client wanted it in WMV so Windows only. It is working fine for me in pretty much any browser on Windows 2000 and XP with Windows Media Player 8 & 9.

I think it is not working in Windows 98 and below. I’m not sure if it is the OS or perhaps an outdated version of Media Player. Unfortunately I don’t have access to any Windows 98 or older machines at the moment.

If you can test it great! Please let me know:

Version of Windows Media Player
and if the movie plays.


Ok. Some research has uncovered the fact that support for .wmv files was not introduced into Windows Media Player until either version 6.4 or 7.0 depending on where you look on

If anyone is running Windows 95 or 98 with Media Player 6.4 or 7.0 please let me know if the video plays for you. Thanks!

Win XP Home
Firebird 0.7
Media Player 9
Works perfectly



Thanks! I’m pretty sure the problem is specifically linked to an outdated version of Media Player.

Just hoping that someone can test for me to see if the WMV format was integrated in version 6.4 or 7.0.

Also, as far as I can tell the Codebase="" parameter stopped being used from Media Player 7.0 on. So I originally didn’t include it, and thus users were not given any reason as to why the video wouldn’t play - since no minimum codebase is assigned. I guess this is supposed to be automagically detected, but doesn’t seem to work. The most recent Codebase="" example I can find specifies version 6.4 - which is cool if 6.4 plays the video - but if it doesn’t I really hate to have a user install a player and then it still be too old to work!

Thus, I really need to find out if version 6.4 works - or better yet how to specify a minimum requirement of 7.0+

Thanks everybody!