Request Tutorial on how todo Motion Trails in Blender Cycles

Anyone knows how todo this Trails behind an Object that you can se in several games when the character is attacking with an Sword and behind it that Trail ? Thats waht i mean and i wonder how to create in in Blender and or if theres an Automated Trail Generator like the Trail Renderer in Unity.
here some refrences
If anyone can do this kind of tutorial i would be sooo happy.

well moved to light and rendering that means no one will ever see this lol this forum is dead when it comes to advise

Particles, motion blur, post effects. There are lots of ways to do this. I doubt you’ll find a tutorial just on this, just do your own testing, it’s not an especially difficult effect.

if its that easy how comes no one is ever talking about it there is a tut for everything for the beginners and i wouldnt consider this a beginner thing.

It’s not really a popular effect for a path tracer. Plus, it’s usually a post effect.

Looking for super specific tutorials is not the way to go about learning things. Learn the broad features and come up with ways to adapt them to your needs. In this case, you’ll want to look for compositing tutorials. And I wouldn’t limit myself to Blender for these either. If you can find a tutorial for particle or light trails in After Effects or Nuke you can almost certainly adapt it to Blender as well. Again, search broadly.

i would say,

it could be achieved by a plane mesh with a emission and transparent material controlled by a texture with coloramp.
the coloramp have a driver controlled by animation.