hello, as a person who loves to help, but find it very frustrating to check the forums over and over again without finding anything new, id LOVE to have an option with a sound notification whenever someone posts a new thread on a forum that you subscribed to, and the posts you’ve commented on.

The forum should send you an email when a subscribed post gets a reply. I’ll check to see if any kind of configuration setting has changed. In the meantime, I’d recommend that you check the spam settings on your email to make sure that is a whitelisted domain.

Little follow-up on this. We had the server side of things checked out and everything looks good on that end. Do note, however, that the default setting for the forum is to only do subscription notifications through your user control panel. In order to have email notifications, you need to enable that option.

From your user profile, go edit your General Settings. In the Messaging and Notification section, there’s an option with the label “Default Thread Subscription Mode”. By default, it’s set to “Through my control panel only”. If you change that drop-down value to Instantly, using email, you should start getting email notifications for your subscribed threads.

Thank you but my email wont give sound notification, id love if that could be implemented as an option on the browser. that would make it a LOT easier for us to support people on the forum, and also everyone would get a LOT faster response.

consider it :slight_smile: