Requesting assistance with a project

Ok, i just copied the -READ FIRST- as a basic template so i add the info required. I need someone that can make maps for me)

  • Give us USEFUL information – Tell us about your project
  • Type:
  • Animation, the projoect my friends and i are working on is a animation, i would like to keep most a secrete until we know it will be going on. (something like Girls Und Panzer, but diferent)
  • Genre:
  • Action, Sci-Fi, War, (some others possibly)
  • Length:
  • ongoing series, i plan to make it a series with roughly at least 10 min videos, (this wil be hard because rendering takes me ages for a 30 second clip)
  • Assets needed:
  • special effects,I would love it if someone can fully give me a 1-1 on how to use smoke (looked at tuts)
  • What will you do:
  • Currently I animate everything and skin them, i model as much as i can but my skills at map making is pretty low.


  • Help us BELIEVE in you – Tell us about you
  • What are your qualifications?
  • well im not really qualified for anything, i am still a young-in,
  • How long have you been working on this?
  • I have been working on this for about 2-3 weeks (planning/drafting)
  • How much time will you personally commit to this?
  • I commit every day to working on parts for this project.
  • How do we know you will not quit?
  • I wont quit if things go as planned, but if i do quit, it will be because of not receiving this helper, or i have to reformat my computer and start again.


Well i havent made any art or scripts yet, im a bit back on all that, but i can clearly explain to the helper, (if i get one)

  • Show us you have SKILLS and COMMITMENT – Demonstrate whatever you can

  • Let us know how much you VALUE us – Let us know what’s in it for us

  • Recognition

  • Well, i try to use blender for everything, and i use it to make things in my spare time/my house,swords and other fiddly things. (cant show because i had to reformat my computer)

  • Profit Share

  • This wont be making money, at least i dont think it ever will, but the best i can do to share your work is put links in, and put your name in the end telling what you did.

  • Experience with skilled professional (You should prove that you or someone on your team is a skilled professional)

  • I am the only one in the group that knows how to use blender, one other is making the music/voice and the other 3-4 are just for voices.

  • Credit in Project

  • as said above the best i can do is add a link to where you show your models and show your name at the end giving you credit.

  • Ability to Use project in our demo reel

  • (not sure what this meant)


Thank you very much for reading.