Requesting critique on human head anatomy.

Hello all,

Just thought I would sculpt this guy as a small practice, but I think I will take it a little further, and maybe do a retopo to create a good basemesh. But before I do that, I want to make sure I have all the correct shapes, and that the anatomy of the head is okay, so I can start on the retopology. He is sculpted with dyntopo, and has 42, 038 verts.

Thanks a lot!



Looks pretty good! A couple things stand out-

  • The philtrum (little dip on the upper lip) is a little too strong and deep, and the whole upperlip to nose distance is long. Not impossibly so in either case but you may want to try seeing how it looks smoother.

-the back corner of the jawline is really far forward- standard male face shape usually has the mandible connect just a little forward of vertically below the ear.

Of course, real people’s faces are weird and trying to conform every face model to the “correct” artistic proportions can risk sapping a face of its personality. Hopefully some other people have input too and I look forward to seeing it finished!

Here is a skull in side view.

As you can see, the skull extends significantly further back than you have it now, and the hole you see in the skull just behind the jaw bone is where the ear canal enters the skull which should help you locate the ear in relation to the jaw. If you download this image, or find one you like on google, you can use it as a background image to help you get a better outline for your model, and help with more precise location of the features (but do realize there is a lot of variation in this.)

Excellent start with the face.

Thank you all so much for you’re feedback! For reference images I used Kent Trammells human head sculpting reference And that really helped me quite a bit. Here is a update after some tweaking:


Second version looks a lot better. Thanks for the reference, I hadn’t seen that before. Looks like a good one for beginning digital sculptors such as myself. I may give sculpt more attention…

Are you in perspective or orthographic mode when you take your screenshots?

Yeah, it’s definetly useful! You should definetly try out more sculpting! It’s a openGL render from a camera, with the lense set to 60.