Requesting on Tips and Help about sculpting!

Hello Artist! Recently, I’ve gotten the passion to do 3D modelling, so I dived in the World of 3D Models however! Since I’m still quite new on it, I myself am stuck on this problem of mine after several tutorials later on Youtube, with no luck whatsoever unfortunately.

So! I wanted to ask those who are well experienced and adept on how you guys managed to pull through the matters of sculping a hair or making one.
I make hairs by choosing to do Curve > Path and then doing the Circle, just right below the Bezier.
I am doing the method of what’s mostly taught on the tutorials I see by just doing Alt+S to close in gaps, but what I want besides that is how to close flat hairs with a hole on them

Such as this one! This is the problem I’m stumped on what to do.

I’d be grateful if there are tips or tricks on how to close them, as I couldn’t find any fixes on this :C
Unless there are ways to do it, please do tell!
I’d love to know more as a beginner myself, in order to achieve more heights in the world of 3Ds.

PS: I apologize for not being good at English! It’s something I’m truly working on often.

You could use “Grid fill” to close the hair.

Ah, How do I do that? Since I made the hairs using the Curve > Path method

All I want is just to close the hole.

Blender is quite difficult.

Sculpting on curves is not possible. You have first convert it to mesh. Then select the loop around the hole and grid fill it.

If you want to keep it a curve you can use “Fill Caps”:

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OH! Thank you! It finally filled now.
I appreciate the help a lot!