Required - Game Engine Videos for Blender Website

Hi there folks,

The guys are looking for some Game Engine videos for the main site, to show users what the GE is capable of.

Have a look at the videos section of “Features and Gallery”…

If you have created a cool game or simulation in the Game Engine, and can make a cool video of it, you could get it on the main site for others to see, under a new “Game Engine” section.

Keep in mind - you can make a cool 20 to 40 second video of a game, even if it only has a few levels, that will still show off enough of the Game Engine that it will be suitable for selection.

You can make videos of old games, new games, WIP games, non-game simulations, architectural walkthroughs etc. Anything goes, as long as it’s running through the GE.

The Blender guys ( eg ZanQdo ) will handle re-compressing the selected videos for the site, so you can focus on making a great high quality video.

Some of the preferred codecs mentioned were xvid, h264, etc, and if possible captured around 720 pixels wide. Basically the higher quality of the actual source video playback, the better.

I’m sure people will post the best packages for capturing video ( both free, and commercial ) to best capture live action from the GE.

You’ll be able to piece the various captures of the game ( eg of different levels, of the title screen etc ) using Blender itself, to get a final video file.

Get posting! If the videos can be ready in time for the 2.48 “Game Engine Release” version, so much the better!

Just remember - it’s a selection process, so make sure…

  • What you are showing is high quality
  • How it is presented is high quality
  • The final source video is of high quaity
  • Make sure this video can be played back through Blender. This makes it easier to be converted to a suitable format for the website.

To send videos in, you can…

  1. Upload your file to the Blender temporary storage area using FTP software at… ( username: anonymous, there is no password )
    Go to the incoming and then to the gallery folder, and place it in there.

  2. Or upload it to your own web server, and send in the link.

Make sure you post info on your video, who you are ( or who gets credited ), and the title of the game.

While the GE gallery will be ongoing, a number of cool looking videos will be required to initially fill it up.

Let’s show what the GE is capable of!!!

huh, recording video!

Here is endi’s video he made which I think is excellent. Just ask him to remake it minus the fps display. It’s a lil low. :o

Are there many people out there creating videos of their games, or WIP games?

If there are too few videos available, it might not be possible to create the Game Engine section just yet ( a too empty section could be worse than no section ), so hopefully everyone is quiet because they are editing their video captures :slight_smile:

A good app on Windows to capture video is FRAPS ( ).
Also, if you have a dual core processor, newer video capture software tends to use the 2nd CPU, so you get a smoother capture etc.


I created a video for 4X4. it’s on youtube, and at the site @ . You can use that if you like, would you require an AVI of it?

Hi there,

That video looks great!

If you can upload the higher quality AVI ( make sure you can load and view the AVI within Blender ), then…

  1. Upload your file to the Blender temporary storage area using FTP software at… ( username: anonymous, there is no password )
    Go to the incoming and then to the gallery folder, and place it in there.

  2. Post your name, the title of the video, and the filename on the ftp site to this thread.

That is a great video, as it shows lots of cool effects, as well as different game tracks / environments. If a visitor was wondering if the GE could handle a vehicle racing game, this video definitely ticks a big box for them!


Sorry it would be about a week before I can have a pretty decent video for you. I just got me hands on thee 2.48 RC matey! ARrrrrgh

send endi a pm, the stuff he throws away is better than my best. see ig montage studios will give it a shot. thee are alot of good artist here, i just dont happen to be one of them.

This sounds like a pretty cool idea. It would be good to see some BGE videos on

Ive made a few, i doubt many will be what ur looking for though.

One of my favourite videos would be my recent Hummer vs Helicopter game

Ive also got a few more game videos, listed below. If any are good enough, just let me know and ill upload higher quality AVI’s to like suggested above (if i can find them)

Grubs Game - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
F-22 Fighter Jet Game
StarGate Game Models

What about Duk Duk?

Cloth Demo
Download .AVI (2MB)

(resolution 640x360)
uses content from Ancient Legend
It’s not really high-quality but it does show a few new features of the game engine. It’s a small tech demo. It features soft body physics, specularity and a specularity color map, clip alpha and some very simple dynamics on the box.
For some reason the texture doesn’t look as good as in the actual .blend.

- AniCator

ok I’ll record a simple one I made. But It’s rather low quality because I am not allowed to download recording softwere(had to use “captureFox” to record it.

Name: Alex Cowley (tb1alexc)
Title: 4X4 Game Trailer
Filename: 4X4_Trailer_Final.avi

please note, the previous link was pulled from the ass of an ill deer, its not related to or endorsed by in any way, it may contain aids, michael jackson and rotten rat bones. [/compulsory legal note]

Name: use name here(or PM me for it
file: BGE maze demo.WMV

EDIT: whoops at first I uploaded to wrong file could you remove scope for two.avi before anyone can download it?