Required: Merging of animations

I have a 3D character that has already been meshed and boned. The person who did this for me has also combined an animation I have for the head talking with a body animation.

I now have a second head + body animation that have both also been merged together. What I want is for these all to be in a single FBX file but as two animations that I can select for the same 3D character (I will be using the model in Unity3D).

The guy who did the animations for me ran into a little problem where when he merges the 2nd set of head + body animations into the first FBX I no longer get any head animation on either.

I’d like someone to do this for me (clips are about 90 seconds each), and also explain what was needed so that my animation guy can learn from it too.

Please private MSG me with your quote.

Many thanks.

I have sent you a PM, please take a look.

I have chosen someone. Thanks!