requirement of blender game


My game is work correctly on my computer but when I make the game .exe on other computer it not work there is message tell the game should be closed ??

Please Help me


Well, I know it’s a stupid question, but are the operating systems that you’re running the EXE files on the same? For example, you’re not making it in Windows 7 and then trying to play it on Windows XP, are you? If you’re going the other way (XP > Vista or 7), then it might be an error on Windows 7’s part. Try running the EXE file in Windows XP compatability mode (right click, go to Compatibility tab).

yes, I work the game in windows7 and the I run it on XP

Well, I’m not sure if Windows 7 executables are compatible with Windows XP (while I know that they are the other way around). Try making the EXE file on the XP computer, and then running it there and on Windows 7 - if it works, then you know what the problem is.