Requiring basic models for illustrations

Hi all,

I’m in the process of putting together a text-book for health-care professionals working in operating theatres. For this, I need to have some illustrations showing positioning of the patient and equipment. What I was hoping to do was get a set of fairly basic models that I could set up and then create 2-D illustrations from (as there will need to be many set-ups and multiple illustrations of each to show in different views, I felt this could be easier than getting 2-D illustrations for each!).

Ideally what I’d like is a generic plain human model (to represent the patient), an operating table with articulations and seperate supports, and a C-arm image intensifier, all rigged for easier positioning. For the last 2 items I have some models that I put together in Sketchup that may be of some use for reference!*

All of these would eventually be rendered as black and white images for printing, so can be low resolution and don’t require any texturing, lighting effects, etc.

Please PM me for any additional information or to quote.

*Alternatively, if you can produce me a decent generic human model in Sketchup, that would also do!

I have sent you a PM.

Sent you a PM

PM sent. Have a great day.

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